Being an Excellent Employer

SLR is a people business that is committed to supporting all of its employees.

We also recognise that our employees make the success of the company possible.

We therefore trust our employees to make the right decisions and provide an environment that allows people to flourish and succeed. We are also committed to the development of our existing staff and we aim to attract and retain the most talented professionals by providing opportunities as well as due reward and recognition. These are all important to the successful delivery of projects to clients.

We engage and listen to our staff as well as encourage them to network with as many of their colleagues as possible so as to share knowledge, further their careers and develop new opportunities. We also continue to invest in training and development and we endeavour to support the ambitions of each of our staff.

We welcome diversity in our workforce as it encourages innovation, offers a richer experience for clients and employees and greatly facilitates the understanding of our clients’ different cultures. We therefore afford equal opportunities to all employees and potential employees regardless of race, creed, colour, nationality, sex or disability.

SLR also recognises that employees need to maintain a healthy balance between home and work and offers a comprehensive range of family-friendly benefits that are suitable to the country of work. We also encourage part time working and job share, where practicable.
Finally, we welcome new recruits so please take a look at our careers section if you are interested.