SLR has a role to play in the communities within which it works.

 We actively encourage our employees to take part in a variety of fundraising events for charities and good causes, particularly if they are associated with the communities within which our offices are located and/or our employees reside.

The Environment and Sustainability

As a leading environmental consultancy, SLR believes it has a role to play in tackling issues such as sustainability and it is committed to improving its environmental performance.

As well as advising our clients on matters relating to climate change and sustainability, we have taken action to reduce our own carbon footprint, thus demonstrating our commitment to mitigate climate change from our business activities.

Specifically, we have put in place measures to reduce emissions by becoming more energy efficient and energy aware in our activities and by instigating waste minimization and recycling initiatives. We have also limited unnecessary business travel and where appropriate, we have moved to using more environmentally efficient forms of transport.