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SLR study demonstrates significant reduction in emissions

Matt Harrison Managing Principal
Matt Harrison

Matt has over 30 years of technical and managerial experience spanning from industry operations to construction management to environmental and air quality services. He brings expertise managing technical services for a variety of energy industry clients. He was responsible for teams that have provided air and GHG emissions inventory and protocol development, field research, regulatory compliance, and emission reduction strategies for public and private sector clients. 

SLR’s global collaboration on air quality and methane measurements continues to support cleaner and more efficient fuel use as featured in a recent Reuters (Oct 7) article. The storey highlights Alaska Gasline Development Corp (AGDE) efforts to understand and assess emissions from its proposed Alaska LNG project. The study, produced by energy and environmental experts from SLR, EXP, and Ashworth Leininger Group (ALG), showed that Alaska LNG had a lower greenhouse gas intensity than other LNG export projects on the U.S. Gulf Coast and Australia. 

Gas emission studies and strategic energy management have been a priority for SLR technical leaders Matthew Harrison, Senior Principal, and Leslie Cook Wong, Senior Sustainability Consulting Leader. For additional information on methane measurements and efficiencies, please get in touch. 

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