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Bulk Storage Facility for Chemical Substances



A global supplier of commodities was looking to store hazardous and non-hazardous substances for a major customer by extending existing facilities at one of its UK terminals. The materials were classified as highly flammable, corrosive and dangerous to the environment, which in the quantities proposed would bring the site under the COMAH Regulations.

In any new project, failure to comply with legislation and accepted good practice can lead to costly rework and delays. Recognising this, the client approached SLR acqusition, HFL Consulting to produce a design and cost estimate for building the proposed new facility.

By providing a multi-disciplined team of engineers and process safety professionals, supported by business improvement specialists, HFL developed a design that would best meet the business needs for storage capacity and throughput, whilst complying with relevant standards and guidance for safety and protection of the environment.

HFL Consulting met the client’s business needs and delivered a package that would help minimise unnecessary spend and delays and allow the client to procure competitive tenders for detailed design with confidence.

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