Scottish Highlands

Coire Glas 1600MW Hydro Electric Pump Storage Scheme


Loch Laggan, Scotland

SLR hydrologists and peat specialists were retained by SSE to prepare the water environment and peat management assessment for this nationally significant hydro-electric power scheme in northern Scotland.

Our in-house team completed a detailed programme of field investigation which included peat depth probing, assessing potential borrow pit search areas, locating the source of many nearby private water supplies and assessing the location of potential watercourse crossings. The field work findings were used to inform the emerging site design so that potential effects on peat and water could be mitigated by good site design.

Our specialists then contributed to the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and prepared the water environment chapter, peat management plan, peat landslide hazard risk assessment, borrow pit designs, schedule of watercourse crossings and private water supply risk assessment to the satisfaction of environmental regulators.

Specifically, our specialists were able to show that the proposed development would have no significant effects on surface water, flooding, groundwater or peat deposits.

The development has been approved by The Highland Council and is currently being considered by the Scottish Energy Consent Unit.

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