offshore oil

Environmental Due Diligence for Natural Gas Production Company



Chrysaor, a key independent operator of oil and gas assets, sought technical support for assessment of potential environmental compliance and liability assessment as part of its proposed acquisition of on and off shore gas production facilities in the UK.

Using our experience of the oil and gas industry, we quickly developed an appropriate scope of assessment which meet the specific bid programme deadlines.

The asset assessment included review of data room, public domain and onsite inspection of onshore gas management facilities (terminals) and onshore pipelines which passed through sensitive natural environments.

Onsite inspections were undertaken in accordance with strict industry and site specific safety protocols, including potential risks arising from hydrogen sulphide at one of the terminals handling ‘sour gas’.

A key consideration throughout the assessment was the estimation of near, medium and long term costs for ongoing management and eventual decommission in accordance with recognised industry protocols.

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