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Post Grenfell Re-cladding Projects



Following the Grenfell tower catastrophe in 2017, SLR has worked with clients including Architects, Structural Engineers, Façade Engineers and building owners on structural re-cladding projects using the technique of wind tunnel testing.

Wind tunnel testing is a proven technique for accurately determining the magnitude and distribution of peak wind pressures on the façades of medium and high-rise developments, especially those involving unusual architectural forms.

Hundreds of UK buildings have been identified as requiring re-cladding following the Grenfell catastrophe and subsequent building inspections. For such buildings, SLR is able to create a scaled proximity model of the site and surrounds and embed pressure “taps” in the 3D printed façades of each test model. The building is then tested in an atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel where the individual pressure measurements are recorded for a full range of wind angles, 0o to 360o, and combined with local statistical wind data to produce peak positive and peak negative pressure contour diagrams.

Using wind tunnel testing, SLR can determine accurate cladding design win loads and identify any localised “hotspots” on each façade.

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