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Pre-Investment Environment, Social ESG Support Services


United Kingdom

SLR has been retained by 3i to support its Responsible Investment Initiative with a specific focus on the review of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) issues at the pre-investment stage.

The approach developed by SLR in conjunction with 3i, supports our client’s desire to undertake commercially based technical reviews of target investments in a timely manner and provides consistent reporting to its internal investment approval processes.

Our client recognised that as a Responsible Investor it has obligations in ensuring that investment is made in companies that act responsibly, legally, and ethically. SLR assisted 3i with the provision of pre-investment ESG reviews using our team of experienced consultants who offer the ‘outside in’ review of investment targets that would otherwise be missing in the review process.

The development of a consistent approach to the ESG review process and reporting has allowed 3i to quickly focus on the key issues that should be addressed in pre-investment Due Diligence and identify opportunities for continued improvement post investment.

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