Restoration of Pit and Lakes at Rhosaman

Restoration of Pit and Lakes at Rhosaman



A multidisciplinary SLR team fed into the largescale landform design, restoration and placeforming for a recreational masterplan at a former coal pit and lakes.

The purpose of the project was to enable a legacy supporting restoration to be funded through the remaining coal extraction and accrued restoration reserves. This required the fusion of a range of multidisciplinary consultancy skills that brought together the best of extraction planning, environmental restoration, masterplanning, community regeneration, tourism, economic viability testing as well as community and stakeholder consultation.

Community engagement was extensive involving stakeholders, schools and the local community who all played their part in helping to shape the proposals. The Land Trust came on board with the project in 2012 and helped to steer the site strategy and structure the delivery mechanisms. The restoration Landscape Architect was responsible for developing the landform design from initial concept to final design including calculation of volumetrics, the integration of hydrogeological and geotechnical constraints, consideration of ecological diversification, design of surface water management features and landform adaptation to maximize legacy potential, all within the envelope of an acceptable landscape and visual context.

The scheme will conclude coal working and start a new phase of leisure and employment opportunities, built around a landform that will provide visual and environmental enhancement to an existing scarred landscape, whilst also providing recognisable social and economic benefits to the surrounding communities of Brynamman, Cwmllynfell, Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen and Tairgwaith.

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