Asia Pacific Graduate Program

SLR is excited to announce that applications are now open to join our Asia Pacific Graduate Program, beginning February 2020.

We want to find enthusiastic, motivated and curious individuals that will thrive in an environment that encourages collaboration and technical leadership. If you’re looking for a tailored program that aligns directly with your skills and areas of interest, then we want to hear from you!

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After celebrating your induction into the 2020 Graduate Program at a launch event in Brisbane, you will be welcomed into an established technical team that directly relates to your field of study and area of expertise. You will be exposed to client work early on, under the mentorship and guidance of world-renowned experts in your chosen discipline.

Throughout the year, you will continue to grow and learn with this team, while still having the opportunity to collaborate with the broader graduate group on regional initiatives and projects. We want to ensure that all our graduates are well equipped for their future careers, so we have developed a yearlong program designed to take a holistic approach to your professional development.

At the conclusion of the program, you will join your fellow graduates, peers and mentors to celebrate.


If you are excited about the prospect of a targeted program that is focussed on you and your technical ability, then this is the Graduate Program for you. You won’t be shuffled from team to team. Instead, you will be embedded into a highly skilled technical team that aligns with your studies, assisting in the delivery of project outcomes and advice to our valued clients.

By being part of the Graduate Program, you are given the opportunity to build on your technical ability and take part in a structured and fast-paced program designed to help you develop a wide range of professional skills. You will be joined by other enthusiastic and eager graduates and will have the opportunity to work collaboratively and learn together. We will create a forum for knowledge sharing and continual learning. The best of both worlds.



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