Added Depth to the SLR Acoustics Discipline

SLR Consulting Australia has recently made two key appointments which will increase capabilities in their largest discipline, acoustics. Joining the Brisbane office are Principal, Benjamin Hinze and Consultant, Kate Cowen. The recruitments will enhance the profile of the Queensland acoustics team and provide additional resources to meet current and upcoming demand for services.

Ben brings to SLR over 15 years’ experience in acoustics and GIS mapping and modelling spanning Brisbane, Melbourne and London. His expertise is in leading major road and rail project noise assessments, in addition to large scale city-wide noise mapping. Ben has completed city-wide noise maps for Melbourne, Adelaide and Cardiff (UK).

Kate graduated with honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tasmania before joining a major mining operation as an engineer. Her experience in risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis and computation fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling will be regarded as an asset to the SLR.

Shane Elkin, SLR’s Executive for Acoustics & Vibration, commented that …..
“Ben and Kate bring different skills into our acoustic team.
Ben’s advanced noise modelling skills combined with his in-depth GIS knowledge will be a fantastic asset to SLR as transportation-related infrastructure projects are developed in Australia in the years ahead. We see infrastructure as a growth sector for many years to come. In a related sense, Ben’s city-wide noise mapping skills and experience stand us in good stead to assist regulators who have a focus on the rise in urban noise (much of it transport related) affecting our communities. City-wide noise maps allow Councils and regulators to proactively look at noise levels across an entire city or state and develop planning tools to address noise accordingly. City-wide noise maps are also used to assess developments that are proposed in high noise environments (e.g. adjacent major roads, major rail corridors and airports) and understand the health burden from environmental noise on the wider community.

Kate’s skills sit across two of SLR’s technical disciplines – acoustics and CFD. We look forward to Kate assisting these two teams across the Oil & Gas and Planning & Development sectors where SLR is also working on many significant projects.”

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Ben Hinze – Principal Consultant
Ben Hinze – Principal Consultant