Ocean Business 17 - SLR Workshops

Nick O’Neill, Director of Geology with SLR, will be running workshops at Ocean Business 17 with the National Oceanography Centre on the 4th of April.

As a partner in the FixO3 Horizon 2020 project, SLR is organising a workshop on ‘FixO3 Innovation Meets Industry’. The workshop involves one to one meetings with innovative companies operating in ocean observation to identify barriers to commercialisation. The Fixed point Open Ocean Observatory network (FixO3) seeks to integrate European open ocean fixed point observatories and to improve access to these key installations for the broader community.

Ocean Business 17 is a three day event, during which the National Oceanography Centre will be hosting many workshops and seminars highlighting how their work can help with issues including the decommissioning of the 475 oil and gas installations in UK seas. The three day business showcase will include conversation on topics such as observing the global ocean, arctic shipping lanes and translating marine information research models into applications.

For details and to register, please see: https://conference.noc.ac.uk/noc-sessions-at-ocean-business17