SLR Speaking at AAPG's Geothermal Cross-Over Technology Workshop

SLR’s Nick O’Neill, Director – Geology, will shortly be speaking at AAPG’s Geothermal Cross-Over Technology Workshop. Taking place on 25-26 of April, the workshop has been designed to concentrate on the potential for cross-over technologies and experiences between the petroleum and geothermal industries. It will look to observe the opportunities that exist for improving the efficiencies of both industries; for maintaining delivery of energy to society; and for reducing the impact on the Earth of doing so.

The two-day workshop will see Nick joined by keynote speakers from across the two industries, as well as from academia. Themes across the four sessions will include:

·         Modelling and measuring fluid flow in geothermal and petroleum systems.

·         Impact of geothermal fluids on maturation and migration in petroleum systems.

·         Combined petroleum/geothermal/mineral systems

·         Using geothermal energy to add value in the oil & gas industry.

·         Hydraulic Fracturing: lessons for the Petroleum Industry from Geothermal Fields — fracking with hot fluids

Nick will be speaking on the 25th of April during session two of the workshop that is to be held at Durham University. With the focus of the session being ‘evaluating the prospectivity of fluid systems: lessons from the petroleum and geothermal industries’, Nick’s topic of discussion will be ‘A Playfairway Analysis of the Geothermal Potential of Ireland’.

Tickets for the event are available for either one, or both of the two days, and can be purchased by following this link