Marine: Underwater and Port Acoustics

SLR provides a diverse set of consulting and engineering services for the marine industry. Our areas of expertise include a full range of environmental compliance services, noise mitigation for port and underwater activities, testing and evaluation services and marine environmental compliance monitoring.

Port Acoustics

Port developments and expansions have the potential to create land use conflicts, around the port itself, along transportation access corridors and in nearby communities.

In areas where sensitive land uses have developed around a port facility, management of noise emissions can be critical to ongoing community relations. There may be opportunities to reduce noise emissions at existing facilities via an operational noise mitigation strategy. SLR can identify the dominant sources of noise and annoyance, and recommend targeted mitigation measures that are tailored to long-term maintenance plans. Our experience with port projects gives us detailed knowledge of best-practice noise emissions from both port machinery and equipment as well as vessels.  

Our services include:

  • Assess the potential for impacts
  • Provide independent peer review
  • Assist with planning approvals
  • Participate in community consultation and stakeholder engagement activities
  • Advise on procurement specifications and noise mitigation
  • Undertake commissioning and compliance audits
  • Broad long-term experience in both airborne and underwater acoustics
  • Understanding of the functional and operational issues pertaining to port facilities
  • Extensive practical knowledge of acoustic monitoring and modeling technologies and techniques

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