SLR consultants have over 20 years’ experience in the chemical industry. A wide range of projects have been performed covering organic, inorganic, fertilizers, batch and continuous processing. Consultants are aware of DSEAR, COSHH and HAZOP requirements and so are able to develop practical opportunities that take these into account.

SLR consultants can offer:

  • Energy audits for corporate organisations, individual sites, processes and unit operations. Experience has covered batch and continuous operations
  • Development of energy saving opportunities across all processes and unit operations
  • Training in aspects of energy efficiency
  • Modelling of process flowsheets and processes.
  • Metering, monitoring and targeting specification and data analysis
  • Engagement and training of senior managers, engineers and operators
  • Development of bespoke tools to help prioritise and track implementation.
  • Energy management systems development and implementation.

Example projects include:

  • Work with a global synthetic nutritional products group. Supporting a corporate energy program across UK, Europe, and North America, providing centralised training and individual site technical analysis. Development of monitoring and KPI tools for every site, to provide dynamic energy performance analysis and comparable competitive KPIs. The program saved over 6% of global energy consumption.
  • Energy audits  for 5 fertiliser manufacturers, identifying over 200 energy saving opportunities, over 90% of which had less than 3 years pay back.
  • In depth analysis of phosphor-organic and brominated organic synthesis. The analysis included simple pinch analysis, thermodynamic modelling of minimum and practical energy consumption targets. A multi-disciplinary team including chemists, production and engineers ensured identification and development of low risk and practical ideas.
  • Energy audit and analysis of conti-batch surfactant manufacture. The study identified 14% evaluated savings with potential with further investigation for much more.