Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory compliance service at SLR aims to support industry through the complicated set of statutory obligations related to its permit and license requirements associated with its manufacturing process. Although compliance requirements differ geographically, SLR’s global service is founded on a thorough knowledge of international and national requirements and local enforcement practices.  Our service is supported by local teams (air quality, noise, water etc) who are able to provide monitoring and specialist advice on issues such as abatement options.

How SLR Can Help?

SLR services for permitting and licensing include:

  • Gap Analysis: to identify permitting requirements.
  • Applications & variations: forms, plans, fees, drawings, etc.
  • Technical support: documentation, risk appraisals, best available techniques, etc.
  • Guidance support: technical options review.
  • Regulator & Stakeholder Negotiation.
  • Permit compliance: periodic measurement, inspection, auditing, reporting, etc.
  • Permit Improvements: additional treatment, environmental survey, management systems.
  • Permit surrender and closure plans.

Technical support can cover:

  • Site Reports: baseline setting, history, records.
  • Control of Impacts: monitoring, modeling, records, improvements.
  • Energy, Global Warming, Carbon Management.
  • Raw Materials Efficiency, Waste Minimization.
  • Environmental Management Systems.

Main SLR Offering:

  • Facility and Programme Audits – SLR offers comprehensive audits of: compliance, Best Practical Environmental Options, staff regulatory awareness, and corporate programs
  • Permitting/Planning and Development support from initial planning needs and requirements to training personnel on permit monitoring and reporting requirements
  • Environmental Management Systems addressing topics including: reporting and recordkeeping, employee training, sustainability considerations, permit condition compliance.