Acoustics and Vibration

Shane Elkin, Executive, BE (Mech)

Shane Elkin is an acoustic consultant with experience in environmental, mining, transportation and industrial noise assessment and control.  In his twenty-one years with SLR, he has worked on a large number of environmental, mining and transportation related assessments.  These projects have included measurement and analysis of noise and vibration emissions from construction and manufacturing industries, materials handling, road/rail vehicles and investigation of effects on people and land uses.

Shane has also presented as an expert witness in the Land and Environment Court.  Shane has been an expert witness for the following projects: New Acland Coal Mine, Oakey; Colton Coal Mine, Aldershot; Composting Facility, Oakey; Woolworths Supermarket, Maleny; Twin Waters West Residential Development and Tropical Pet Resort, Townsville.

To contact Shane please email him Shane Elkin


Graeme Campbell, Principal, BAppSc (Applied Physics)

Graeme has over 30 years’ experience in project management and consulting roles in acoustics and vibration and specific expertise in the measurement and assessment of environmental acoustics and associated noise control, noise monitoring, noise mitigation and architectural acoustics, building acoustics, occupational noise exposure, construction noise and vibration assessment.  

He has been involved in many high profile projects in Australia and has prepared and presented expert evidence at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and before other statutory bodies. Graeme has presented as an expert witness in relation to Lilydale waste transfer facility, Shepparton cool store, Mt.Lilydale College, Chiltern Quarry, Sunshine Landfill, Tyabb Concrete facility.

To contact Graeme please email him Graeme Campbell


Jim Antonopolous, Principal, BAppSc

Jim Antonopoulos has 20 years’ experience in acoustical consulting and has specialist expertise in building and architectural acoustics, and in environmental noise prediction and assessment.  He has managed major residential, educational and commercial development projects and also undertaken environmental assessments for large industrial, transportation, mining and infrastructure projects.

Jim has provided expert evidence at VCAT and Panel Hearings on numerous matters, including major rezoning and planning applications, and also provides regular expert advice to Councils.

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Luke Zoontjens, Principal, PhD(Eng), BEng (Mech) (Hons)

Luke has provided acoustic engineering consulting services over the past 14 years in occupational, industrial and environmental acoustics in a diverse range of industries.  Luke’s professional experience includes full design, documentation and verification of acoustic qualities associated with various projects ranging from local government and sporting assets to major landmark PPP projects in multiple States and jurisdictions.

Luke is the current Chair of the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) WA Division and a Board Member (Federal Council). The author is a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia, and firm Signatory for the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC).  Luke was also the Convenor of the recent national AAS peak body conference Acoustics 2012 Fremantle: Acoustics, Development and the Environment with over 280 delegates.

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Steven Walker, Principal, Bsc, MSc, PDip (Acoustics & Noise Control)

Steven’s career has included acoustic planning and regulation in the UK and professional acoustic consulting in Australia.   His areas of specialisation include environmental and occupational acoustics for the transportation, mining, oil and gas and industry sectors which has included a diverse range of socially and economically significant projects in Australia and the UK. Through his 16 years of experience in acoustics, Steven has a detailed knowledge of acoustic legislation, regulatory policy and guidelines, the monitoring and assessment of noise and vibration and the presentation of acoustics to the general public and regulatory organisations.   

Steven is a Member of the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) and is SLR’s Queensland representative for the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC).  He has prepared expert evidence for the Queensland Planning and Environment Court and provided expert advice to Councils, private industry and legal practitioners.

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Dick Godson, Technical Director, BSc Civil Eng, MSc Rock Mechanics & Excavation Engineering

Dick has over thirty years experience specialising in acoustics, vibration and blasting. He has has experience in a broad spectrum of projects, including the measurement, assessment and control of the impact of noise and vibration emissions from a wide range of industrial, mining, quarrying, construction and excavation projects, blast design and design of controls for blasting in tunnelling, quarrying, mining and excavation, the assessment of ground vibration and airblast emissions and investigations of the response of structures and building occupants to those emissions.

Dick has prepared and presented expert evidence at Commissions of Inquiry, Public Meetings, Hearings in the Land and Environmental Court, the District Court and the Licensing Court.

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