Occupational Hygiene

Dr Craig Simpson, Senior Scientist, PhD (Ecotoxicology); MSc (Applied Toxicology); BAppSc (Biology)

Dr Craig Simpson is a specialist consultant who has extensive experience in occupational hygiene based health risk assessments, mould, laboratory analysis and environmental field work. He has undertaken a range of occupational hygiene and environmental projects, including detailed health risk assessments, indoor air quality investigations, monitoring of various chemicals and dusts, investigations of potential workplace exposures, reviews of consultants reports for insurers,  as well as asbestos identification and airborne asbestos fibre monitoring.  Prior to joining SLR Craig carried out laboratory and fieldwork in Australia and Hong Kong including in universities and as a government microbiologist.

Craig has prepared a number of high level reports and health risk assessments that have been used for directing government policy, legal matters and peer review and he has provided expert witness on areas such as mould exposure and remediation, asbestos and worker health risk.

To contact Craig please email him Craig Simpson