Local Government Advisory Services

We are committed to working with local governments in creating long term benefits to communities across Australia

Our aim is to become long term trusted advisers to local governments, with relationships born out of face to face, personable meetings from SLR staff with past local government working experience; ensuring that the needs of the local officers and the community are understood and accommodated. We are committed to working with councils and governing organisations in creating long term benefits to the local communities across Australia.

At SLR, we are driven to make a true connection to our local government clients by taking the time to listen and understand their specific needs. This is matched by our knowledge of the flexibility that is required when working with local governments. By accurately understanding the purpose, reasons, pressures and drivers for a project, we can deliver real benefits to the local community.

We acknowledge that expectation management and defining a clear scope of works are key ingredients in achieving sustainable outcomes for the community. We believe in facilitating a 'co-creation' working environment, forming a project team of SLR consultants and local officers to drive outcomes that are technically innovative whilst ensuring they meet specific local needs.

Our successful business is underpinned by long term client relationships sharing our core values. We pride ourselves on providing trusted advice to repeat clients over many years. Our core values all align with local government outcomes, which enables this growth as a trusted advisor. These core values include:

  • Integrity and honesty
  • People-orientated environment
  • Technical excellence and innovation
  • Commitment to environmental and social responsibility
  • Economic well-being for all stakeholders

SLR's teams provide a great wealth of knowledge and experience, through a diverse range of backgrounds (culturally, working career and technically) providing creative, innovative and holistic solutions for clients. These varied skill sets and experience enables local governments to receive the most robust solutions to surpass their requirements.

We are proud to offer local government organisations a full range of services, including:

  • Engineering services
  • Environmental services
  • Waste services
  • Planning and Development services
  • Asset services
  • Disaster Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Development
  • Parks, Landscapes and Maintenance services
  • Transport services

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