Waste Logistics & Routing

Waste management services are often complex, extending to multiple vehicles, collecting many different material types for drop off, at a range of waste management facilities within urban and rural locations.

Efficient routing can not only save money on vehicle fleet and staffing levels, but can also inform the development and configuration of downstream transfer treatment and disposal infrastructure. The overall outcome is greater operational service efficiency.

How can SLR help?

  • Operational service reviews – SLR provide advice and support on waste and recycling collections, assessing routing plans, fleet configurations and the nature of any supporting downstream infrastructure.
  • Routing plans – By applying model software to existing and future waste and recycling collections SLR can produce a set of routing plans developed to optimise service efficiency.
  • Fleet configurations – SLR can assess and select new fleet configurations by optimising the collection vehicle (recycling, organic or residual) to known routes and existing and/or forecasted material collection services.
  • Downstream infrastructure configuration – through understanding the collection service area and type, the SLR team can advise any downstream infrastructure requirements, such as waste transfer stations, recycling centres and other treatment and disposal infrastructure.

Main SLR Offering

The global SLR team can provide the following waste logistics and routing offering:

  • Strategic business planning in waste routing and logistics for both private and public sector organisations of all sizes and locations.
  • Efficiency studies for existing, new and forecasted waste collection scheme for householders and industry service users alike.
  • Training and knowledge transfer – The SLR team routinely provides training and operational support in the application of routing and logistics software.
  • Providing deliverable solutions through the provision of industry best practice advice and support.