Case Study

Environmental Consulting Services (CAN)

Provision of environmental consulting services for an oil and gas asset in a remote northern area of British Columbia. SLR provided land quality technical services to assess the characteristics and extents of the contamination at the site.  Petroleum hydrocarbons from condensate liquids and salts from produced waters have been identified across the site in the unconsolidated soils, bedrock and groundwater.  The contamination has extended spatially outwards from the site in nearly all directions (situated on a topographic high) with a plume length of approximately 400 m at its longest observed point.


British Columbia




Oil & Gas

Project Objectives:

The complex geological conditions, extensiveness of the contaminants, and the remote ecological setting for the site required the collaboration of technical specialists in risk assessment, site assessment, remediation and ecology specialists to help coordinate the assessment and interpret the results.

Our Role

  • Collaborate across multiple offices to service the field components of the work programmes
  • Investigate the site fully
  • Develop a risk-based remediation strategy