Case Study

Environmental Resources for CSG to LNG Project (AUS)

One of SLR’s most significant clients required specialist environmental services during the design and construct phase of a multi-billion dollar CSG to LNG project.

The client is responsible for this upstream phase which includes managing and executing the wells drilling program, low-pressure gas and water gathering pipelines design, construction and management of the Gas Process Facilities (GPFs) and Water Treatment Facilities (WTFs), main high pressure gas transmission pipelines and providing high voltage main power for operational requirements.


2009 to 2013


Central Western Queensland




Oil & Gas

Project Objectives:

SLR Consulting were engaged to provide various environmental services and supply of field based environmental professionals to support the construction program and operating sites.  This has included undertaking environmental modelling, conducting environmental inspections and reports, conducting environmental monitoring, interpretation and assessment of results, respond and report on any environmental incidents.  SLR Consulting has also provided support to the project team by preparing environmental management plans, developing field inspection sheets and checklists in addition to providing environmental input for the project design team.

Our Role

SLR Consulting has undertaken the following works:

  • A number of sewage treatment plants (STP) have been installed across the project and SLR Consulting has been responsible for undertaking soil sampling and effluent irrigation modelling for these facilities.   This will provide our client with an assessment of the sewage system performance against regulatory requirements, recommendations with respect to operational monitoring or corrective actions and incident management measures.
  • SLR has, as one of Australia’s leading acoustic consultancies, undertaken detailed 3D noise modelling for the upstream gas processing facilities.  This has included recommendation of noise mitigation measures to allow compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.  SLR Consulting has also undertaken extensive noise monitoring and modelling studies for the upstream operations in order to determine appropriate noise mitigation measures, assess compliance with regulatory requirements and investigate complaints.
  • SLR’s field based environmental advisors have been responsible for ensuring that construction contractors adhere to the environmental requirements in the environmental approval and management plan documentation. This has included monitoring of environmental action plans, management of environmental incidents, reporting and communication of relevant environmental matters and conducting toolbox training sessions on environmental topics.

Other environmental services which SLR Consulting has provided to the APLNG project include air quality monitoring, erosion and sediment control plans and ecological surveys.