Case Study

Geothermal Heat Plant (UK)

GTE is seeking to develop a geothermal heat plant in the City of Manchester. The development will be one of the first of its type in the United Kingdom and will comprise the initial drilling of two deep exploration boreholes to an approximate depth of 3,200 metres.

Subject to positive results, it is proposed that one of the boreholes will be used for the abstraction of geothermal water, which will subsequently be passed through heat exchangers in a heat plant, before it is re-injected via the second geothermal well. This heat can then be provided to end users for their heat and hot water requirements.


Manchester, UK


GT Energy



Project Objectives:

Carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the proposed geothermal development.

Our Role

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Complete environmental impact assessments relating to noise, land quality, cultural heritage, ecology, geology, hydrogeology, landscape, socio-economic, traffic & transportation and landscape & visual
  • Present findings of EIA in Environmental Statement (ES)
  • Planning Application and supporting documents