Case Study

Green Star Assessment (AUS)

The proposed Gore Hill development comprises 4 separate buildings incorporating commercial, light industrial, showroom and retail spaces with extensively landscaped open spaces. The proposed development is located on the south corner of the Gore Hill Business Park and will mainly feature office space (Class 5 Building).

Planning and design have created one of the most economic and sustainable workplaces in the North Shore designed to achieve 5 out of 5-star Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) performance and a 5-Star Green star rating. Rainwater harvesting, thermal insulation and other energy efficient system are just a few of the features that will achieve exceptional economy for tenants and the environment.


Gore Hill, Sydney


Green Building Council of Australia


Built Environment

Project Objectives:

Green Start Assessment, production of documents and submission for Green Star certification.

Our Role

SLR was engaged to:

  • Conduct a quantitative Green Star Assessment of the proposed Building
  • Issue Green Star Action lists to the design teams
  • Consult  and coordinate the Green Star requirements with the consultant team throughout the design and documentation period in order to achieve a 5 Green Star rating
  • Conduct workshops with the design team
  • Green Star Coordination with the GBCA and Green Star Certification
  • Advise of any additional detailed design measures such as stormwater or rainwater harvesting,  mechanical services alternatives, efficient fittings or materials that will need to be incorporated to achieve the Green Star requirements
  • Project Consultants where possible to ensure feasibility and cost minimisation
  • Provide an inventory of all determined design and management initiatives under Green Star for cost assessment by the project Quantity Surveyor
  • Collate and prepare documentations necessary for Green Star certification
  • Point of contact between Green Building Council of Australia and the project
  • Documents submission for Green Star certification