Case Study

Holistic Impact Assessment (CAN)

Proponent is proposing to develop in Alberta. The inte­grated social and environmental impact assessment is intended not only to assess the sociological and environmental consequences of the Project, but also to develop the contours of the proponent’s social contract with stakeholders. Phase 1 included the development of the Conceptual Site Model, Terms of Reference and Implementation Plan for the Project.






Oil & Gas

Project Objectives:

The objective of the project is to obtain not only regulatory approval, but also a social licence to operate (SLO). This is defined as either earning stakeholder support or sufficient acceptance that they decide not to object to the project going forward.

Our Role

  • Developed detailed Term of Reference for integrated assessment
  • Completed a scoping exercise to identify range of issues likely to be raised by stakeholders
  • Developed framework for stakeholder engagement (Consensus-Based Environmental Decision making)
  • Developed framework for sustainability assessment (ecological, social, and economic in the context of their relationships to one-another)
  • Described the human and natural capital potentially affected by the project (e.g. social cohesion, health services, community profiles, air quality, water quality)
  • Developed a detailed road map of the assessment methodology (e.g. data quality objectives, sampling and analysis plan, GoldSim modeling, assessment and measurement endpoints)