Case Study

Marine Renewable Energy Technology Supplier Development (CAN)

The Province of Nova Scotia has abundant marine renewable energy resources, particularly tidal energy. The Bay of Fundy has the potential to commercially deliver up to 2,400 megawatts (MW). Successful tidal energy generation and transmission could leverage Nova Scotia expertise in marine science and technology.  Companies operating in the Offshore could diversify into tidal as it evolves.

With the intention of encouraging the development of home grown solutions to address the technology challenges, this project is an initial step in fostering an environment of collaboration amongst the companies that work in the broader ocean technology and marine industry.






Nova Scotia Department of Energy



Project Objectives:

The proposed assignment is intended to engage the Ocean Technology sector in the resolution of challenges to the development of commercially-viable tidal energy development and identify opportunities for the public sector to support sustainable competitiveness in the tidal energy supply chain.

Our Role

  • Identify tidal energy technical challenges;
  • Rank and categorize Nova Scotia Ocean Technology Sector and identify ways that the public sector can promote a sustainable competitive advantage within the tidal sector;
  • Develop and host a workshop for the identified Nova Scotia Ocean Technology companies to increase awareness of the technical challenges facing the deployment of tidal devices and site characterization.