Case Study

Multiple Site & Portfolio Risk Assessment (US)

The client entered into an Agreed Order with the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to review, prioritize and execute site assessment and clean-up of multiple sites within a large, mature, and active oilfield in Alaska.


2006 - 2012




Confidential Upstream Client


Oil & Gas

Project Objectives:

SLR was selected by the client in 2006 to assist with regulatory agency negotiation of the Agreed Order with the USEPA that addressed hundreds of individual sites that were included in the client’s active oilfield assets. With the Order completed in 2007, SLR has been involved in developing program level documents completing the site assessments at dozens of locations and preparing multi-location and individual quantitative risk assessments.

Our Role

SLR undertook the following works:

  • Program Planning: SLR performed historical site research for these sites (which often involved reviewing leasing records in multiple locations) and developed conceptual site models (CSMs), screening levels, and quantitative risk assessment processes for use across the program.
  •  SLR assisted the client at technical planning and scoping meetings with USEPA and the State of Alaska.
  •  The program has resulted in multiple site assessments and portfolio risk assessments being completed since 2007, and use of the quantitative risk assessment process to refine the assessment and corrective action scopes.