Case Study

Oil Spill Waste Management Plan (UK)

Following the Deepwater Horizon incident, a joint industry/government/regulator forum was created to review the UK’s preparedness for a major offshore oil release.  The forum’s final report included a recommendation that the work be continued under the auspices of a separate body, which has continued working on the development of improved responses to marine oil spill on UK Continental Shelf. Waste management was considered to be critically important but no real guidance was available on content of oil spill waste management plan. A sub group focusing on waste management was therefore tasked with contingency planning.   SLR was commissioned to develop such guidance.








Oil & Gas

Project Objectives:

Development of a framework document which outlines the elements which should be incorporated (by operators) into Regional Oil Spill Waste Management Plans (OSWMP), for activities on the UK Continental Shelf.

Our Role

  • Development of Framework document with explanatory notes/guidance.
  • Agreement with work groups and forums on the contents of the framework.