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Paisley, Scotland


Paisley, Scotland

SLR was commissioned by Renfrewshire Council to undertake an asset strategy for the historic town centre of Paisley. The purpose of this was to understand the value of Paisley’s unique 1200-year heritage, which largely remains hidden and underutilised.

The focus promoted by SLR was to harness this potential and prepare a deliverable and integrated asset strategy which would help reinvigorate a once proud and illustrious town centre to attract additional visitors and increase much needed revenue.

SLR highlighted the cultural heritage significance of the iconic Paisley Pattern, which was created as part of the 19th century textile manufacturing industry in the town. 

The strategy that SLR employed resulted in a masterplan that promoted and defined the Placemaking concept for Paisley. 

It is hoped that the results of the approaches adopted will provide a much-needed benefit for those who live, work and visit this historic town. This data-gathering and dissemination exercise has resulted in Paisley being winner of the 2014 Planning and Placemaking Awards.