Case Study

Port: Air Quality Management (US)

As part of its 25 year plan, our client has set a goal to be “the greenest and most energy efficient Port in the world.” In addition our client and two other Ports entered into a joint agreement in 2007 to adopt a regional air quality management strategy to improve environmental performance while increasing global competitiveness.







Project Objectives:

Our client has engaged the SLR team as the lead air quality consultant to assist for planning, analysis, engineering, and implementation of programs and emissions reduction technology needed to achieve their goals. This work includes assisting in facilitating the process for the preparation of the 2012 Implementation Status Report and evaluating options and updating the performance goals for all three Ports additional emissions control.

Our Role

  • Facilitate the review and consensus building with the Tri-Port needed to update and renew the goals in 2012 (for 2015 and beyond) and develop the 2012 annual implementation status report.
  • Identify options and perform costs and technical feasibility analyses to evaluate options for our client to achieve the agreed goals. These include a wide range of technical and engineering services involving Cargo Handling Equipment (CHEs), Drayage trucks, and a range of marine vessels using the client’s Port facility.
  • Assist in evaluating options and developing economic incentives for terminal and vessel operators to reduce emissions and enhance their own environmental performance and public perception.
  • Assist in developing and implementing improvements, and expanding our client’s “Green Gateway” awards programs for customers of the Port.

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