Case Study

Rail: Noise & Vibration Assessment (AUS)

The proposed North West Rail Link (NWRL) will run from Epping to beyond Rouse Hill in Northwest Sydney and provide eight new stations and services over a 23 km addition to the CityRail network. Approximately 15.5 km of the railway is underground in deep excavated tunnels from Epping to Bella Vista with the remainder of the route being above ground. Train stabling will be provided at Tallawong at the north-western end of the route. The anticipated total project cost is $8 Billion.


Epping to Rouse Hill


NSW Department of Transport



Project Objectives:

SLR Consulting was selected by the NSW Department of Transport to join the Integrated Project Team, working with the client to develop the design from Definition through to Concept and to assess construction and operational noise and vibration impacts.

SLR Consulting was involved in the project from the beginning to allow noise and vibration impacts to be considered at the earliest possible stage. Input into the construction compound locations and design was particularly critical given the duration of the construction period and the proximity of works to sensitive receivers.

Our Role

SLR Consulting undertook the following works:

Design Development

Working with the Project Team to assess the noise and vibration impacts of design alternatives.

Construction Impact Assessment

Prediction of vibration and regenerated noise during the tunnel construction phase at all sensitive receivers along the alignment. Prediction of airborne construction noise impacts along the surface track sections, station locations and at the construction compounds and spoil removal locations.

Operational Noise and Vibration

Prediction of airborne and ground-borne noise from the operation of trains in tunnels, on surface track and at stations. An examination of emissions from the train stabling facility. Identification of reasonable and feasible mitigation measures.

Community Consultation

SLR Consulting attended public sessions to inform the community of potential impacts of the project.