Pipeline Valve Facility

Remediation and Risk Management Services at Pipeline Valve Facility


Manitoba, Canada

A site situated on agricultural farmland near a First Nation required assessment and remediation/risk management services for an historical crude oil release at a pipeline valve facility. To meet this requirement, SLR Consulting conducted soil and groundwater delineation assessments, evaluated remediation options and developed a comprehensive Remedial Action Plan (RAP), which was approved by the National Energy Board (NEB). Over 30,000 tonnes of hydrocarbon impacted soil and bedrock were excavated and disposed offsite.

Due to geotechnical complexities associated with foundations for pipeline valves within the excavation footprint, hydrocarbon impacted soil below the foundations was addressed via in-situ remediation using an engineered oxygen release compound (ORC) that enhances in-situ aerobic bioremediation of hydrocarbons and powdered activated carbon that can sorb (capture) hydrocarbon impacts and provides a medium for bacteria to grow and promote bioremediation.