Case Study

Technical Advice: Biomass Gasification Plant (UK)

The client sought to develop a series of six, waste wood and SRF fuelled 5MWe biomass combustion power plants across England.

Use of waste wood/SRF requires the biomass plants to be WID compliant.  SLR were engaged by the developer to undertake two tasks, a technical due diligence of the proposed biomass process and a biomass market assessment of feedstock arisings within a 60 minute drive time.




Worksop, UK


Large Engineering Group



Project Objectives:

To ensure the chosen biomass process technology was suitable for the proposed mix and types of feedstocks and that the estimated power output was as required by the financial base case.

Our Role

  • Technical due diligence of the proposed biomass project;
  • Market biomass arisings assessment within 60 minute drive  time catchment