Whether overcoming traffic congestion in an urban corridor through innovative intelligent transportation system solutions, designing new bridges, or evaluating roadway safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, our transportation engineers work together with our clients and the community to develop sustainable designs that meet the needs of the travelling public and improve the environment.

SLR offers a broad range of services in the area of transportation engineering and design.

How can we help?

Our transportation engineering team has a stellar reputation in the industry and have worked on many successful public and private sector projects, utilising innovative approaches and cutting-edge tools.

Our goal on every project is to enhance mobility for all travel modes without compromising safety or adversely impacting the environment. Whether widening a highway, enhancing operations along a signalised corridor, or rehabilitating a historic bridge, we achieve success by engaging project stakeholders and partnering with regulatory agencies, ensuring compatibility among transportation facilities, the surrounding environment, and the community.

We provide expertise in several areas including, highway design, interchange planning and design, bridge design, rehabilitation and replacements, bicycle-pedestrian facility planning and design, adaptive traffic signals, transportation communication systems and intelligent transportation systems.

Our team includes

  • Mike Standring Director
    Mike Standring

    Mike has 35 years’ experience in the design and delivery of highway infrastructure projects and is responsible for the detailed design and procurement capability of Vectos (now part of SLR). He has wide-ranging experience in all aspects of highway infrastructure procurement, including the design and construction of motorways and trunk road improvements, development-related highway access infrastructure, SUDS and residential highway and drainage infrastructure. Mike’s key strengths include undertaking feasibility assessment of infrastructure schemes; masterplanning, procurement and cost advice; delivering detailed highway design solutions and the subsequent procurement of highway construction works.

  • Savan Radia Director
    Savan Radia

    Savan is a Chartered Engineer and Director with more than 15 years’ experience working within a highways and infrastructure environment for both private and public sector projects. Savan is responsible for the design and delivery of highways and drainage schemes relating to residential, retail and mixed-use developments. He provides expert advice to clients and design teams on all areas of design and construction and specialises in directing design inputs on multi-disciplinary development projects.

  • Paul Wheller Director
    Paul Wheller

    Paul has 20 years’ experience as a Civil Engineer specialising in highways and infrastructure in both the public and private sectors. He has delivered a wide range of schemes and is experienced in leading multi-discipline schemes for developments, Section 278/38 works and public realm projects. His experience is in all aspects of highway infrastructure, including the design and construction of new highway improvements, development related highway access infrastructure, infrastructure related to commercial and retail developments and residential highways. Paul is experienced in the role of lead consultant in multidisciplinary teams, and his key strength lies in the coordination, programming and delivery of all stages of the design and approval process to deliver highway design solutions through planning, detailed design and construction.

  • Kwesi Brown Manager of Transportation Engineering
    Kwesi Brown

    Kwesi manages the transportation engineering group within SLR and provides oversight on highway, bridge, traffic signal systems, and multi-modal transportation projects. He has 20 years of experience in the transportation engineering industry and has managed several of the company’s high-profile transportation projects. His expertise ranges from highway design, traffic signal and communication systems, traffic and access management, corridor planning, interchange and ramp studies, transit and multi-modal transportation facility planning and design. He has worked extensively with federal, regional, state, local and private sector clients.