Case Study

Pan Am/Parapam am Games Athlete’s Village (CAN)




Toronto, Ontario


Built Environment

The 2015 Toronto Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games Athlete’s Village is located in the West Don Lands in Toronto Ontario. This project includes six buildings that will house up to 10,000 athletes, coaches, and officials over the span of the games. Once the games are complete the buildings will be converted into midrise residential condominiums, retail space, restaurants, and an athletic building. All new buildings have received the LEED Gold certification based on their energy consumption, and eco friendliness.

Two key concerns during the design of the village were the potential for uncomfortable/unsafe winds in outdoor amenity and pedestrian areas, and the impacts of building exhaust emissions on air quality in outdoor and indoor spaces. To address these issues, SLR provided the following services for design and regulatory approvals for the Athlete’s Village: Pedestrian Wind Comfort Study

  • Air Quality Regulatory Permitting
  • Exhaust re-entrainment

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