Case Study

Automated Waste Collection System Feasibility Study (AUS)

The Green Square Town Centre project in Sydney will result in the establishment of a town centre comprising a balanced mix of residential, commercial and open space land use. It will have 3,300 dwellings by 2031 servicing a population of 6,600.  SLR was engaged in early 2011 to undertake a feasibility assessment for automated waste collection for the Green Square Town Centre and wider Green Square district and later for air quality and noise impact assessments.




Sydney, New South Wales


City of Sydney

Project Objectives:

The purpose of the project was to identify the potential cost, benefits and risks associated with the implementation and operation of green infrastructure (AWCS) in this location.

Our Role

SLR undertook the following works:

  •  AWCS Feasibility: A technical and commercial overview (feasibility study) to inform the City of Sydney of the comparative performance of automated waste collection systems compared to a conventional truck waste collection service.
  •  Air Quality, Noise and Vibration: Characterisation of existing noise environment to establish present ambient noise levels and compare with proposed AWCS collection. Noise and vibration assessment considered both construction and operational impacts outlining  viable mitigation measures.
  • Tender Support: Technical review of tender documents to be issued to AWCS technology providers.