Case Study

City Masterplan (UK)

Belfast City Council published its first City-wide masterplan in 2004 as a leadership response to the need for a joined up and singular vision that would guide the development of the City as it emerged from some 40 years of civil conflict. In 2011 it commissioned SLR’s masterplanning and regeneration team to undertake a fresh review of the masterplan and to align its strategy with the very different set of challenges likely to be faced by the city between 2012 -2020.




Belfast City Council


Built Environment

Project Objectives:

The Masterplan is intended to sustain the process of generating new growth in Belfast by laying the foundations for the continued revival of the City, enhancing its international competitiveness and more effectively playing the role of regional capital.

Our Role

SLR’s role is to provide:

  • An honest analysis of the City’s problems and its relationship with the region
  • Engagement and consultation with all stakeholders to secure agreement on the objectives of the masterplan
  • Identification of clear, effective responsibilities for the development, implementation and review of the strategy