Case Study

Fractured Basement Assessment (International)

An international oil company engaged SLR to carry out a global review of fractured basement fields, and to evaluate the potential of this type of field in the UK West of Shetlands area.





Project Objectives:

  • Establish a system to characterise fractured basement reservoirs;
  • Outline key reservoir properties critical to success;
  • Conduct a global review of successful fractured basement fields;
  • Assess whether the fractured basement reservoir discoveries and prospects in the UK West of Shetlands offered an attractive opportunity to the client as part of building its West of Shetland portfolio.

Our Role

A multi-disciplinary SLR team performed the following work:

  • Characterised fractured basement reservoirs, identifying factors which drive production performance.
  • Conducted a global review of fractured basement reservoirs to place the West of Shetlands discoveries in context.
  • Specific case studies focussed on three potential analogue fields:
    • Habban Field, onshore Yemen
    • Bach Ho Field, offshore Vietnam
    • Clair field, offshore UK West of Shetlands
  • Transient test analysis was performed on well test data from a well in fractured basement reservoir to understand pressure response behaviour.
  • SLR presented the results to the client management and made recommendations on key technical and business considerations to guide them in their approach to the West of Shetland opportunities.

The findings of this project allowed the client to benchmark West of Shetlands opportunities against global standards and, as such, to understand the issues which drive value and the associated risks and opportunities. The work has been used to guide their business development decisions and strategies.

For further information please contact Nick Hooke or Phil Marlow.