Case Study

Fuel Spill Remediation (CAN)

SLR was retained to manage the investigation and in-situ remediation of a former helicopter base near Nelson, BC.  A spill of jet B fuel was identified from an underground storage tank in 1995, and SLR provided subsequent site assessment and remediation services to remediate the site. In 2004, SLR applied for an Approval in Principle with the BC Ministry of Environment, and initiated the remediation phases of work.

The complex site history included former use of the land for a municipal landfill, and adjacent historical rail operations. SLR installed an in-situ air sparging trench to act as a cut-off wall presenting dissolved phase contamination from entering the lake.


1996 – Ongoing


Nelson, BC


CHC Helicopter Corporation



Project Objectives:

SLR was selected to investigate impacts related to a former fuel spill at the Site and to oversee the installation and operation of a remedial system designed to mitigate impacts pre-receptor. SLR also provides ongoing natural attenuation monitoring at the site.

Our Role

SLR undertook the following works:

  • Completion of a Stage I Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) for the site
  • Completion of a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI including drilling and test pitting investigations and groundwater monitoring and sampling events
  • Installation of a remediation system including an in-situ air sparge and vapour collection trench
  • Preparation of reports and documentation that were submitted under application for an AIP for the property