Case Study

Gas Field Decommissioning (AUS)

SLR Consulting was engaged by Santos to conduct a series of environmental investigations for the Roma Conventional Abandonment Project which involved the decommissioning of 13 sites in Queensland. The purpose of this investigation was to assess risks of potential soil and surface water contamination where Santos Ltd is active or has operated. The investigation assisted Santos in their future plans for the gradual decommissioning of some of the infrastructure and facilities from their conventional gas fields in the Roma area.


Roma, Queensland




Oil & Gas

Project Objectives:

  • Whether associated activities have resulted in soil and surface water contamination
  • Whether Levels of contamination in the soil or surface water pose unacceptable risk to human health or the environment
  • Preliminary indication of the potential extent of contamination migration
  • Determination of whether potential remediation works would be required to return sites to former usage

Our Role

  • General Site Inspection and Sampling Locations –based on potential contamination sources, potential for contaminant migration, locations of underground services, visible contamination impacts and professional judgement
  • Drilling of targeted vertical boreholes to an approximate depth of 1.5m below ground level for collection of soil samples
  • Soil Logging and screening – recording of soil profile observations for each borehole location, taking Photo Ionisation Detector (PID) readings to establish the presence of volatile contaminants, and visual and olfactory assessments of each soil sample collected for contaminants and/or salinity impacts
  • Surface Waters – if present, collection of surface water samples for measurement of in-situ and chemical parameters
  • Sample Handling and Preservation – collection and storage of soil samples into laboratory supplied containers
  • Preparation of Report summarising findings