Case Study

Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting (AUS)

Tronox operate the Kwinana Pigment Plant located approximately 30 km south-west of the Perth CBD and approximately 1 km east of Cockburn Sound. The plant, which manufactures titanium pigment using a chlorination and oxidation process, is licenced under the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) Licence Number 5320/13 (the Licence).




Kwinana, Western Australia





Project Objectives:

SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd (SLR) has been commissioned on an annual basis by Tronox to conduct the annual groundwater and effluent monitoring across the site. This was in order to satisfy the conditions of the Licence and assess whether historical or current land-use practices from the site or adjacent sites have impacted the superficial aquifer.

Our Role

In order to comply with licensing conditions, SLR Consulting completed

  • Supervision of refurbishment or replacement of damaged  monitoring wells.
  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling of 38 groundwater wells located throughout the site along with the collection of water samples from the 2 effluent treatment ponds.
  • SLR then determined whether the site was impacted from the current site activities or from an off-site source.