Case Study

Hazardous Installations: Proximity Assessment (UK)

Castlemore is a private development company, specialising in land improvement for a range of purposes, including offices, leisure, mixed-use commercial, industrial and retail. Castlemore acquired the rights to develop a 5 hectare site in Beverley, East Yorkshire, with a view to constructing a retail park and leisure facilities. SLR was commissioned to assist with technical studies in support of the planning application.







Project Objectives:

The development site lies within the Consultation Distance for the hazardous installation, and an assessment was required to consider risks to people using the new facilities. SLR was commissioned to undertake this assessment, using the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Planning Advice for Development near Hazardous Installations (PADHI) methodology.

Our Role

SLR undertook the following works:

  • Dividing the development site into designated use categories, as identified in the PADHI methodology.
  • Calculating the area of each use category- Using plans obtained from the HSE, the area of each use category within each Consultation Distance zone was calculated, enabling judgement on the suitability of the development to be made.
  • An assessment concluded that the proposed development was acceptable, as indicated in a letter from the HSE. Both the report and the HSE letter were submitted in support of the planning application.