Case Study

IOR & EOR Screening DONG (Europe)

DONG Energy wished to understand the potential to increase recovery from its portfolio of clastic and carbonate oil fields in the Danish North Sea by applying improved and enhanced oil recovery (IOR and EOR) technologies. SLR worked alongside the DONG asset teams to manage and facilitate a comprehensive initial screening of IOR and EOR techniques for application to the Danish portfolio. DONG made their asset work and previous studies on aspects of IOR and EOR available and SLR included this in the screening process together with their own technical insights and screening methodology.




DONG Energy

Project Objectives:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of applicable technologies and techniques for improving recovery with reference to the specific characteristics of the target reservoirs;
  • Short-list and rank the most attractive options for each asset;
  • Consider potential blockers and enablers of improved recovery in the widest sense, including stakeholder perception, risk aversion, and commercial factors;
  • Compile a screening study report and present key findings, including an action plan, to the asset teams and DONG management.

Our Role

SLR facilitated workshops with asset teams to:

  • Improve familiarity of asset team members with IOR/EOR where required;
  • Capture opportunities already identified within the asset teams;
  • Jointly identify opportunities and blockers for improved recovery as a pointer to further options; and
  • Provide solution to perceived constraints on improvement.

It then undertook a number of activities including:

  • Screening of key reservoir rock/fluid properties against well-established criteria for application of EOR techniques;
  • Feasibility assessment for identified IOR/EOR options, where possible quantifying benefits, and ranking in terms of potential value to DONG; and
  • Producing documentation of findings and feedback to asset teams and management.

The project raised awareness of IOR/EOR in the organisation in line with DONG’s 2013 business strategy and created a high graded opportunity set of IOR and EOR opportunities. SLR made recommendations on further work to progress the opportunities and drew up an inventory of improved oil recovery opportunities which represented reasonably “easy wins” for asset teams to deliver.

Recommendations were also made for simplifying asset re-development and portfolio management making IOR/EOR easier to deliver. Finally the project identified existing IOR/EOR expertise in the client’s organisation.

For further information, please contact: Nick Hooke or Phil Marlow.