Case Study

Network Rail Waste Strategy (UK)

Network Rail was created as a not for profit company limited by guarantee in October 2002, in a move backed by the Government to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of the railway.  Network Rail’s aims include the achievement of environmental excellence, including a commitment to minimise waste and the associated impacts of waste.


2003 - Ongoing


National within the UK


Network Rail



Project Objectives:

Network Rail identified a need for:

  • Waste Audit to quantify existing waste generation and disposal practices; and
  • Waste Strategy setting out a plan of action to optimise waste management.

Our Role

Waste Audit

  • Summary of overall Network Rail total waste arisings by key waste producers;
  • Audit of waste streams produced and current waste management and recycling practices (where present) employed on site.

Waste Strategy

  • Identification of waste minimisation and reuse targets;
  • Detailed implementation phase.
  • Comparison of performance of teams with mechanism to reward good waste management performance;
  • Optimising and managing waste handling activities.