Case Study

Road: Highway Environmental Assessment (US)

SLR completed Stage 1 and 2 Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs) for multiple sites along a 260 km stretch of the Alaska Highway.

The overall purpose of the work was to assess potential environmental impacts related to the original construction of the Alaska Highway during World War II.







Project Objectives:

SLR conducted initial site reconnaissance of more than two hundred potential sites along the Alaska Highway. The site reconnaissance was conducted on relatively short notice and within a limited time frame due to weather constraints. Location of each site required detailed review of historical aerial photography and use of GIS and GPS technology. Several of the sites were only accessible by all-terrain vehicle. Stage 1 reconnaissance checklists and site map sketches were completed for each of the sites, and GPS coordinates and site photographs were obtained.

Based on the initial site reconnaissance, approximately fifty sites were selected for further assessment.

Our Role

  • A full Stage 1 PSI, including modified client specific elements, was conducted for each of these sites, including archaeological and wildlife habitat review
  • Conceptual site model development for the purpose of risk ranking
  • Enhanced Stage 1’s were conducted at select sites, involving surface sampling during the site reconnais- sance due to schedules constraints and the remote- ness of the work area
  • Stage 2 work was completed for each of the sites, including test-pitting, drilling, and/or surface sampling
  • Reporting included prioritization of sites requiring further work and providing remediation options and liability estimates