Case Study

Shale Gas Groundwater Quality Services (US)

SLR provided comprehensive water quality consulting services to a gas exploration client in rural areas of the Northeastern United States. These services included water quality sampling, monitoring and analysis, engineering and installation of well water treatment systems and community outreach.


Northeastern Region


Confidential Client


Oil & Gas

Project Objectives:

The objectives of this project included providing necessary environmental program support to the gas exploration client to immediately address both environmental impacts and public perception concerns as they related to the gas exploration activities and impacts in a rural community.

Several private residences required active well remediation or treatment systems to address high methane, iron, manganese, bacteria, aluminum, barium, and pH concentrations. Treatment options were evaluated on a case by case basis and included aeration, ozonation, filtration, and reverse osmosis.

Our Role

SLR undertook the following works:

  • Coordinated the development of an online database for analytical data for samples for domestic wells near existing and proposed gas wells
  • Coordinated sample collection and laboratory analysis activities for the site. Validated analytical data was uploaded into the database by the laboratory, evaluated for completeness by SLR, and then distributed to interested parties as identified by the client
  • Assisted the client’s local contractor in the procurement of a bulk water hauling permit to enable the homeowners access to bulk water for general domestic use. Additional drinking water was also provided
  • Participated as an active partner in efforts to help the community understand the real impacts to their groundwater and possible health effects. This work included participating in public meetings, assisting with local news coverage, and filming of several promotional and educational videos.

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