Case Study

Species at Risk Investigation (CAN)

The project involves an environmental assessment for the reconstruction of Amerherst Island Ferry Docks on Lake Ontario. The Environmental Assessment included an investigation of potential Species at Risk habitat at both docks.  The project included reconstruction and lakefill.


2011 - 2012


Lake Ontario (CAN)


URS Corp.


Built Environment

Project Objectives:

Habitat for three bird Species at Risk, and three turtles was possible within the construction envelope.   Seasonal focused surveys were undertaken to establish the extent of habitat and make recommendations for mitigation.  Turtle nesting attempts were observed on an adjacent slope, but the species could not be determined.  Due to the difficulty in assessing the potential for critical turtle habitat, snorkelling transects (that mirrored the underwater camera scoping from the previous winter) were required to confirm conditions.

Our Role

  • Direct all natural environment activities including Species at Risk and habitat surveys; impact assessment; evaluation of alternatives; and development of environmental management plan.
  • design and implementation of turtle and avian investigations; reporting and analysis.
  • field inventories, documentation and evaluation.

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