Case Study

Technical Advice: Public Sector Procurement (UK)

SLR was appointed as Technical Advisor (TA) for Glasgow City Council’s (GCC) long term residual waste procurement contract. The procurement project is being undertaken using the Competitive Dialogue process. This appointment followed on from the development of a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) followed by an Outline Business Case (OBC).Both documents where developed by SLR Consulting.


Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow City Council

Project Objectives:

The contract brief required SLR to provide high quality technical, planning, permitting, and environmental advice in relation to a long term residual waste treatment project.

Our Role

  • The development and assessment of both wasteflow and WRATE analyses
  • Provision of benchmarking data for other comparable residual waste projects
  • Effective working with the GCC Project Team and other advisors to deliver the project
  • Ensure that GCC Members fully understand the implications of the project documents and bidder positions and associated risk allocation.
  • Support at an industry day in which interested parties to the project would attend
  • Develop, in conjunction with the other advisors and GCC’s in house team, the required documentation at each stage of the procurement process
  • Undertake evaluation of solutions at each stage of the process including providing advice on technology suitability and environmental impact compliance
  • Prepare evaluation briefing papers
  • Provide all necessary operational and legislative advice to deliver the service