Case Study

Urban Extension Ecological Investigations (AUS)

The Culburra West Urban Development Project involves the design of a major extension to the village of Culburra Beach on the south coast of NSW. The project contemplates the development of 1200 residences (in various forms), 30 industrial and employment lots, urban infrastructure and conservation reserves over and area of approximately 120 hectares along the Crookhaven River.

Most of the land is currently vegetated with native forest and woodland and an offset package (dedicating other native vegetation owned by the proponent) has been developed.


Culburra – West of Nowra on the South Coast of NSW


Realty Realizations Pty Ltd


Built Environment

Project Objectives:

The objective of the ecological investigations and reporting were:

  • To identify the vegetation, habitats and biota present on the site
  • To determine the likelihood of significant impacts
  • To contribute to refinements in the design of the proposal
  • To address the relevant legislative requirements in substantial documentation for the EA process

Our Role

SLR undertook the following works:

  • Field surveys over several seasons for native flora and fauna
  • Review and collation of previous data and database information on native biota
  • Detailed mapping of vegetation communities and threatened species records
  • Review and refinement of the development design (e.g. modification of stormwater ponds to achieve ecological outcomes)
  • Review and consideration of planning instruments, policies and relevant legislation
  • Preparation of substantial documentation and mapping for the Flora & Fauna Assessment Report for the project for delivery to the relevant statutory authorities

The project is now being reviewed by the relevant authorities, and further development of the concept is anticipated.