Case Study

Waste Facility: Compliance & Capacity Study (Africa)

All waste generated from the exploration and production activities of all companies operating offshore Angola is currently managed and processed by one company, through a single reception and processing facility located in Luanda, supplemented by a nearby landfill.

The Angolan government has amended the regulations to prohibit the discharge to sea of any waste materials generated by the exploration and production activities.  Local operators are also planning to expand their activities in the area.  These will both result in additional waste being returned to shore for processing.

The operators wished to assess the capability, capacity and compliance of the facilities to manage the existing and future waste streams and to review the waste contractor’s proposals for increasing capacity to meet demand.








Oil & Gas

Project Objectives:

  • Assessment of fitness for purpose, capacity and compliance of existing facilities for treating waste generated from offshore oil and gas exploration and production activities.
  • Assessment of capacity and capability of facilities to process increased quantities of waste arising as a result of changes in legislation and expansion of offshore activities.

Our Role

  • Review of available data.
  • Development of audit strategy.
  • In country audit of waste reception, processing (Thermal Desorption and Incineration) and landfill activities.
  • Preparation of factual report.
  • Interpretation of implications for client.
  • Presentation of report and findings